Fashion Yesterday and Today

Fashion Yesterday and Today - We are living in a world surrounded by numerous things that are either related to the technologies, the hottest gadgets or the most recent fashion. And Fashion today has made its importance felt in almost all sectors of existence. Fashion can be termed into two groups: One group which follows fashion styles and adopts them and another team who create fashion and style statements for the others to accompany them. It can also be extended to a different set of people who rarely have anything to do with fashion styles but nevertheless follow their particular style to create their own unique character; adding an additional style to the fashion world.
Fashion Yesterday and Today
Fashion isn't only about makeup and makes up or the hair-do. It is a feeling of producing the allure of looking great in anything you wear and this magic is made with the ideal sort of accessories going together with the footwear and the clothing, making up a pleasant picture to see. Many times, individuals who do not afford to purchase expensive clothes look their best in their casual wear, just by presenting themselves in that manner of sophistication and creating a feeling around them with the assurance of looking great.

From the early 60s and 70s to the present millennium, there's been a massive change in the forms, looks, and thoughts about fashion tendencies.

In India, a lot of fashion was affected by the Hindi Film Industry, popularly called Bollywood. The trends that have changed through time can be rather seen from the movies made during the 60s and 70s and also the way in which they've developed in various forms bringing in a fashion that may be followed with the general public. People have aped the west from very early times and this was no exception. The clothes made in the 60s and 70s were very much affected by the western countries and given a conventional touch. There has been a craving by the people to look different, fashionable and modern and this could be seen in their outlook towards their outfit, new styles of hair, makeup, accessories such as bags, earrings, necklaces, matching footwear etc..

Individuals were aware of each and every new thing that was promoted and they reproduced the fashions from their Bollywood idols. Bollywood began as a stage for theater artists and proceeded to become a commercial entry into the youths and aspirants to get a career in the film and fashion business. This gave the youth of today to emphasize the fashion world. Art and music are becoming a significant thing of the past and so it's profoundly rooted in the present as well with more features and facilities.

Today fashion, art, artists, music, dance etc all have a spot in the industry and people can opt to take up anything associated with the sector as their livelihood too. Art and music have long been implemented in the school co-curricular activities and the Higher colleges are now offering a variety of classes for improved professionalism in these areas. Additionally, there are various acting schools as well as the small screen i.e., the tv has opened up paths in bringing out the talent in the young minds through various stages of dancing and music. This is the creation of this millennium in creating jobs and work in the fashion market. The trends that we see are brought about by the fashion houses that have regular seasons to flaunt their invention, a lot of which can be popularized in FTV, Zee Trendz and TLC stations. We could also get a glimpse of these fashionable outfits by means of these demonstrates that the versions present. Nowadays, Modelling can be one of the platforms to get an entry to the world of fashion.

From the yesteryears, fashion was constrained only to the actors in the film or those who were daring enough to take themselves at the people they were considered fashionable. Others just wooed them behind shut doors. Slowly when times began changing, we can observe the girls displaying their styles in the standard saree with an embroidered blouse and another neck style. Then we saw the saree being draped in various styles like the Bengali design or the Gujarati style etc.. These changes caused the invention of churidars and the salwar kameez and finally the fashion of dresses was outside in the open. Girls accepted to how there was nothing wrong in looking good and the guys, of course, loved to see that the appealing side of girls and fantasized the idea above their spouses.

This shift in the mindset of the public was well taken by the fashionistas and a massive market was created to meet the requirements of the general public. Nowadays fashion creates a new look with a distinct style for a specific person and retains oneself updated with the latest trends found in the market. This business is popular for its glamour as well as the mix of Indian tradition and culture placed in the designer wear that the versions showcase.

People really like to experiment with different textures of materials used from the outfits and hence the designers give them a wide group of dresses using all types of clothes. There are the traditional Khadi and silk combination that is currently producing waves found in the men's and women's wear. Then we have the embroidery work in zardosi, Swarovski studded shirts and lehengas and multi-stoned function in decorative collection sarees etc.. Then the many sought materials such as cotton, polyester, chiffon, crush substances used in varied iconoclastic designs and styles.

Always there is hope for the designers who the youth want a change in fashion and are glad to keep up the trend with a mix of Indian and western mix of fashionable wear. In addition, the youth of today are very practical in their awareness of styling for a particular occasion. Can it be a party or for a marriage or the casual look, they need the best and they think in looking at the ideal. And to make this happen, folks go one step ahead in making sure that they have everything in their wardrobe for any type of occasion.

Apart from the trendy clothes and fashion that's currently popular people wish to try out something which goes with their prognosis. So the market began towards the very own friend of a girl - The Hand Bag or the Purse. The Brand New appearance of a handbag with stunning colors and its stylish features such as the chain manage or the jazzy zips with many pockets in different shapes attracted the people like never before. With the increasing demand for the prices of branded purses, it became a must for every woman to finish her shopping. Thus did another accessory line up by making a place for themselves in the marketplace. Only a couple to quote, the earring and bracelets, the several pliers, hands bracelets and brooch, the stiletto and its lovely embroidered, party wear blouse along with its brotherly high hardy shoes giving a perfect cowboy look etc..

Fashion has always been a very interesting subject for many women and today the trend has even challenged the guys to compete for a more appealing look for a remarkable potential in the world of Fashion to make it a full-fledged suitable thing for all genre of individuals.